Benefits of the Big "O"

Benefits of the Big "O"

, by Tiara Hutson-Weaver, 2 min reading time

While we all enjoy a good orgasm we fail to truly understand the benefits of fulfilling the big “O”. Whether it’s with your favorite sex toy or your partner the benefits from orgasming are endless. There’s so much more to the big “ O” than the toe curls, sheet grips, and eye rolling experience we all know and love, this article while dive deep into these benefits and truly help you understand how you are benefiting from your big “O”.

 We all know that milk does the body good but what about orgasms? Orgasms actually have many physical benefits that can have a positive effect on the body one of those being heart health. Did you know that having sex is the equivalent of engaging in low impact or moderate exercise? There has even been studies that proved that women who obtained multiple orgasms and engaged in regular sexual activity had a decreased rate of heart disease and/or type 2 diabetes. So what are you waiting for? 👀

Been losing your train of thought lately? Maybe, you should try orgasming? Researchers have discovered that more sexual activity and orgasms can promote better memory, stronger word recall, and overall better cognitive improvement. So why not give some brain to help improve your brain today? 😝

 Tossing and turning throughout the night? Big “O” to the rescue! That’s right orgasms can help improve sleep quality. After an orgasm your body releases endorphins which are secreted between the brain and nervous system that allows you to ultimately reduce stress and improve your mood to promote a good night’s sleep. So are you ready to be put to sleep or what? 🙃

 These are only a few of the many benefits of orgasms. Do not be afraid to ask questions or research further if you desire more insight of the benefits of orgasms. As always ensure that you engage in the proper protocols when engaging in sexual activity.

Take the initiative and go add the FREAK back into your bedroom while embracing the benefits of fulfilling all of your KINKS one big “O” at a time. 🤗


Have a Freaky Kinky Day💛



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